Mohawk Valley Chapter

The stated purpose of Mohawk Valley EGA is to promote cooperation and interchange of ideas among those interested in needlework; to maintain a high standard of technique and design in needlework and to stimulate interest in needle art in the community.


  • President: Elizabeth Naculich
  • Treasurer: Mary Willmott
  • Region Representative: Ann Harris

Membership Meetings

  • The Mohawk Valley Chapter of EGA welcomes members to its monthly meetings, held at 10:30 a.m. on the first Monday, August – June,  at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 25 Oxford Road, New Hartford, NY.
  • Currently, we are starting to meet in person and also have scheduled some meetings and programs on Zoom. All in person meetings are dependent on the current COVID situation in our area. Contact us for information and check back for changes in the schedule.
  • Monthly meetings include a business meeting as well as a program and stitch-in.
  • Guests are always welcome.

Here is the schedule for the next few months:

Sit and Stitch

Join us as we share time to stitch and chat from our own homes via Zoom. These get togethers are held every two weeks. Contact us if you wish to participate.

Special Interest Groups

These online groups have been developed to educate and encourage stitchers who are interested in a particular type of stitching or project. To participate, contact us.

Peppermint Purple

This group of stitchers began participating in this blackwork stitch-a-long via Zoom meetings early in 2021. For more information about Peppermint Purple and blackwork, follow this link. Stitch-a-longs are great fun as they are completed one small piece at a time throughout a year. For 2022, some of us are continuing with this project, while others are branching out.

Needle Painting

Those interested in needle painting have begun an online group whose members worked with Trish Burr’s book Needle Painting Embroidery. In 2022, there will be more projects. To join this group, contact us.


This group of stitchers began working on this sampler from Long Dog Samplers early in 2020. Meeting via Zoom, they are still working on it and encouraging each other toward completion. Contact us if you are interested in joining us.

Coming soon…

Check back to find out about a new group forming in 2022. Members will be focusing on goldwork.

Member Projects


Designed by Lorene Salt

Stitched by Wendy Weber

Coming To America

Stitched by Bev Jaros

Blackwork bookmark

EGA Petite Project

Stitched by Mary Willmott

Let Freedom Ring

Stitched by Bev Jaros

Beaded ornaments

Stitched by Jane Tanner

Designed by Kurdy Biggs

Thimble keeper

Stitched by Elizabeth Naculich

French knot scissor case

Stitched by Elizabeth Naculich


Designed by Debbie Rowley

Stitched by Kathryn Stenstrom

Happy Owl-o-ween

Barbara Ana Designs

Stitched by Mary Willmott

The Halloween Town

Designed by Madame Chantilly

Stitched by Elizabeth Naculich

Beaded Menagerie

Designed by Nancy Eha

Stitched by Mary Willmott

Background Sampler II

Designed by David McCaskill

The first piece was stitched by Kathryn Stenstrom and the second was stitched by Jane Tanner.

Ebony Blues

Designed by Carolyn Mitchell

Stitched by Jane Tanner

Florentine Dreams

Designed by Carolyn Mitchell

Stitched by Jane Tanner

Flowing Friendships

Designed by Carolyn Mitchell

Stitched by Jane Tanner

Here are some examples of program projects from the recent past. Both workshops were taught by a current member.

Hardanger workshop

Hardanger embroidery originated in Norway. Traditional hardanger designs were stitched with white thread on white linen. This is a more modern twist, using color.

Ribbon Embroidery workshop

Ribbon embroidery is a three-dimensional technique, using ribbon instead of embroidery floss.

Our Mohawk Valley Chapter meetings always conclude with a time for Show and Tell. Here are some examples of our members’ creations.

Thread painting
Created by Kathryn Stenstrom
Designed by Trish Burr

Tamari ball

Members of the Capital District EGA chapter are responsible for the goldwork embroidery on the drapes that hang in the Red Room of the State Capitol in Albany.