April 2- Welcome Spring Monthly Meeting

pexels-photo-326285.jpegMohawk Valley April 2nd- Join us as we learn about Darning Patterns.

$5 Fee
Welcome Spring Tulips in Darning Patterns Skill level: Basic Pattern Darning

What is Pattern Darning? The basic stitch in darning patterns is a running stitch which moves rhythmically over and under the ground fabric threads creating geometric patterns. These patterns are produced by varying the length and spacing of the stitches as the rows are worked. Rows of the darning pattern snuggle in the space between the threads. These rows are worked horizontally, vertically, or diagonally across the ground. Stitches are counted by the number of ground threads covered or skipped.

History: Pattern darning is found in ancient textiles of Africa, Japan, Peru, the Middle East, and Europe, but became very popular in the late medieval and Renaissance Europe. Today, we borrow from their storehouse of patterns by working darning patterns within a motif shape or to compliment needlework such as blackwork, as well as borders and spot motifs. Enjoy this project’s tribute to spring.

Materials list:

#18 count canvas, cut 12″ x 16″. The design size is 8” x 12½” with 2” margins. Encase canvas edges with tape or sew on single-fold seam tape. # 5 perle cotton: partial skeins for tulips and leaf, 2 skeins for border. Colors are your choice, even one color would work. Colors used in this project: DMC yellow 726, orange 740, lavender 210, pink 776, red 666, green 701, blue [border] 800. 12” x 16” stretcher bars Tacks, such as Dritz quilter’s tacks found in quilting section of fabric stores. 65 per box. One box. Needles: # 22 tapestry, # 22 chenille needle .01 Micron pen, finest point available regular needlework supplies.        Designed by Marylyn h Doyle


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Mohawk Valley Embroiderers' Guild of America - Local chapter in the Central New York State- New Hartford, NY. We meet the first Monday of the month- unless it is a holiday- then the following Monday.

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