Happy Easter! Corn Pad embroidery = Eggs in a Basket

From Nordic Needle E-Newsletter…..

When I saw the shape, I immediately thought of Easter Eggs! So, here we go! This is white Trigger and I positioned the first corn pad on the fabric. To hold it in place I stitched over it a couple of times in the 3-6-9-12 position with two ply of Splendor #S812 from Rainbow Gallery.

Then I filled it in all the way around with satin stitching. From here you can embellish around the outside of the corn pad, like I did with chain stitching. Here is the egg showing the chain stitching half way around so you can see what difference it makes.

I thought about filling the center with French knots (yes, you read that right…I was willing to do knots) but decided to leave it so you could see the shape.

The next egg is laid on its side and is stitched with two ply of Pebbly Perle #59 also by Rainbow Gallery. I am not at all happy with this egg. The Pebbly Perle does not lay as nicely and the texture is rough. So, along came Petite Glass Beads #40553 to save the day.

Since things in nature are rarely occur in an even number, I added one more egg. This time I used EdMar Brazilian embroidery thread, Lola #112. I also attached four threads and wrapped them to create the horizontal bar across the egg.

Of course, there has to be grass for the eggs, soArctic Rays #AR17 worked perfectly. And just because I could, I added a ceramic bunny button from the Mill Hill Button Collection.

It fit perfectly into the Egg Ornament Tuck and I found one perfect for the colors I had chosen. In just a couple of hours, I had an adorable Easter decoration! Which is good because all my decorations are in boxes in the basement. David won’t let me even bounce down the stairs on my bum.

Published by Mohawk Valley EGA/New Hartford, NY

Mohawk Valley Embroiderers' Guild of America - Local chapter in the Central New York State- New Hartford, NY. We meet the first Monday of the month- unless it is a holiday- then the following Monday.

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