UFO “Confessions”

It is the first Monday of the month for October- and Confessions were spilled.  Yes, UFO confession.  The What, Why and How, “we” have so many unfinished Objects (projects) in our stash.  Here are a few tips to help you along in wiggly down your to do list.

Try to finish one project before starting another.

Make a list,  find a easy one to  completed.  We all have small projects that just need a few stitches.  How about finishing the easy ones first.  Give a feeling of something done.  We all know that feeling.

Just do a clean and plunge.  Yes, throw it out. If you find out it does not bring any joy.  As one member suggest, throw it in the trash and pour some grease on it.  Now, you  can’t go dumpster diving back.

Do for yourself.  Just stitch the one for yourself.  Not your mother, spouse, son/daughter,  friend, boyfriend, but yourself.  Quit pushing it aside.

Schedule just 20 minutes a day to stitch.

Wake up at 5am.  Stitch until 6am.  Get it all done in 3 months.  Hey, this is perfect for the holiday stitching gifts.    (Make sure the coffee pot is on)

There was so many suggestions during our Confession. The one thing we all took away from this.  “ I am not alone.

Note: My camera went AWOL for this meeting, so I could not take picture of  our show n tell.  But, I must say, there was some beautiful display of stitching pieces.  We have a wonderful talent group of ladies.

As always, see you on the first Monday of the Month.

Happy stitching!!

Published by Mohawk Valley EGA/New Hartford, NY

Mohawk Valley Embroiderers' Guild of America - Local chapter in the Central New York State- New Hartford, NY. We meet the first Monday of the month- unless it is a holiday- then the following Monday.

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