Welcome back after our winter break with HAWAIIAN QUILTING!

This is a 2 part class for February 6th and March 5th

Traditionally, Hawaiian Quilts are made with solid color fabrics, Symmetrical Applique and with the quilt lines following the applique.  You can read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawaiian_quilt or http://www.quilthawaiian.com/

Materials needed for February are:                                                                                                    2 fabrics, 100% cotton, 24″ square (1 for background and 1 for applique); Scissors;    Thread to match applique fabric; Contrasting thread for basting; Sharp needles; Pins

Materials needed for March are:                                                                                             Backing fabric 24″ square (this might be the same as applique fabric); Basting thread; Quilt Hoop; Quilting Thread (to match applique and background fabrics);  Thimble; Batting

Published by Mohawk Valley EGA/New Hartford, NY

Mohawk Valley Embroiderers' Guild of America - Local chapter in the Central New York State- New Hartford, NY. We meet the first Monday of the month- unless it is a holiday- then the following Monday.

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